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      Here is a script to build a diagrams. Netscape4
   1. It is resizeable (keep all layers and
 reposition them to fit window)
   2. Objects are dragable
   3. You can make or delete links with mouse click
       (click on first object , click on second and it
 will link or
      delete previos link)
       A "TODO" - make removed link hide :)
           "TODO" - if move <5 pixel make it a click
   4. There is no images :)
   5. You can make diagrams without knowlage of
     a) delete in HTML file all:
 var s0='Connection
' var s0x=2;var s0y=15;var s0l='01,' b) insert lines: var s0='Connection
' var s1='Other item' var s2='One more' ... c) brows this page and DnD all objects to position you need d) make all links you need e) press "Save" and Ctrl+A to copy page to clipboard f) again edit HTML file and replace strings you wote with new ones The Save is not perfect :) if you have ideas about something better - tell me. So it is version 0.7. It is not fully featured, but can be nice example of code. Malx